Friday, June 30, 2006

Well, we finally moved.

Ugh, try moving from a 3 bedroom house to a 2 bedroom apartment. BooHooHooooo!! These last few weeks have been hectic and tiring, both physically and mentally. But we are finally settled. Well, as settled as can be.

So, the last two weeks of school for the kids was crazy. First of all we had the end of the year picnics, and a final kindergarden field trip. June 7 was the k trip. We went to the San Fransisco Zoo. That was the same day we signed the lease for the apartment. Then Thursday, Friday, Saturday was busy with moving things, sorting through boxes that had been in the attic for nearly two years, and unwillingly submitting to throwing away a bunch of stuff. And it was hard. ;( Tons of stuff that was up there was ruined by the damn rats. Remember when I said that we had to deal with them? Anyway, stuffed animals and books and clothes, just ruined from the urine of the rats. Some stuff was even chewed up. So I had to get rid of a lot. That was not fun.

So by the time Monday rolls around I was more than just tired. My entire body was aching and sore from having to move. We are now in a third floor aparment. Up two flights of stairs with boxes was not the best thing to do. I don't recommend it. Ever. But anyway, Tuesday comes and we have the Kindergarden end of the year picnic. It was fun. We went to the local park, which is the main spot for all kindergarden and first grade picnics for most of the schools. The kids had a blast, played on the equipment, had a few scraped knees, jumped off trees... you get the picture. So then Wednesday was the 2nd grade picnic to the beach. Oh, boy. I should have thought to bring extra shoes and socks for my son. The tide was waaay low that day and nearly everyone decided to go crab and fish hunting in the rocks. Of course it was really muddy. Out of 60 kids, maybe one brought extra shoes and socks. Of course his mom brought them for him, remembering last year's trip with his older brother. Too bad she didn't say anything to the other moms!

The picnics out of the way and one more day of school. Thursday, June 15 was the offical last day of school for the kids. My daughter graduated from kindergarden!! I thought that I would cry, since she is the younger, but I didn't. At least dad came this year. He didn't for his son. :x Oh, well, what can I do about it now. So after school got let out at 11:30 am, we went to Fresh Choice for lunch since that is what the kids wanted to do. Then we went home and watched a movie.

So I didn't do much in the way of unpacking since we moved until the 23rd. At least I got books put away on the bookshelves, and some clothes put away. But we didn't have our beds put together still. My mom bought us a new couch, knowing we did not have any living room furniture other than folding chairs. So Saturday Dh put the beds together, and I tried to put the rest of the stuff away that was in the boxes taking up all the room in the living room. Sunday, DH played soccer and then we went to pick up the couch. So finally the living room looks like a living room. No more boxes cluttering the way. Of course, now I still have to put away clean clothes and wash the dirty. That will never end. The apartment manager said that laundry is also known as infinity. He's right, it never ends.

So that's what's been happening in my life the last month. Saturday starts a whole 'nother month to worry about.