Monday, December 26, 2016

Well, my blog post I tried to post on the 21st didn't post for some reason. However, it shows up on my blogger phone app as "publish fail,"  but there is no draft on my desktop view. Strange.

Here is what I *tried* to post:

December 21, 2016

4 days until Christmas.

That's it.

4 freaking days.

I'm not ready at all.

Whoever is ready for a holiday  like this? Seriously. There's a million things that I keep remembering that I haven't done yet, presents that still need to be wrapped, people I *should* shop for but can't...

The worst part? I'm dead broke.


It would be something if I could actually NOT spend money and save it all year, but there's ALWAYS something that comes up unexpectedly and *boom* there goes the little I managed to save.

That's why I'm not ready.

But no matter what, it's coming, so I'd better enjoy the time with my kids.

My oldest is home from college for a few days to spend Christmas with us... and his friends who are home too. ;) He has to go back on the 26th.

I'll have to share some pictures of my semi-decorated house, which btw, is only semi because I'm NOT READY, lol. Usually the tree is up Thanksgiving, and the decorations are up around the same time. This year I didn't get anything up until last week, and I STILL have decorations to put up.

Have a Merry Christmas!