Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Not much to say...

Ugh, I don't know. It must be contagious or something. I mean, I know I'm not the only one in the same predicament. My friend Bruk talked about it on her blog too- Who really wants someone else to raise thier kids?? I mean come on!! There has got to be a way to earn enough money to stay home right?? I'm not doing so hot with my home biz, and I don't want to quit, so I won't- BUT I really need the money. WHATS WRONG WITH ME???? I can't even get into the autosurfs, to make money cause I don't have any to work with. UGH!! I've already spent my savings like five times over- I should have over 12 thou in savings, but I don't Help pay rent, pay bills, pay medical expenses. Another thing- if someone had warned me how expensive it would be to have kids, I may not have had any, well, I would have been more careful and waited longer till I was more financially stable. I love my kids, don't get me wrong, but I am having soooooo many problems. AHHHHHHHHH!!!

Tuesday, March 28, 2006


OMG!!! Today is our anniversary! 9 loooooong years!!! Not many people thought that we would make it past one year! And speaking of one year- I want to congratulate a friend of mine who just posted in her blog that she also has her anniversary today!! Here's her post- She just celbrated 1 year!!

I feel like dancing and singing!!!


I just don't know how to react! Should I cry, should I laugh, should I smile like a little kid??? I know we won't be doing anything this year. We are waiting till next year, cause it's more important- 10! Just think- 9 years ago I was 3 months pregnant and getting married on this day!! Ok, enough- I got laundry to do- that's married life!!!

Friday, March 24, 2006

House Hunting...

I never realized that house hunting could be so stressfull!!!! We have seen six homes so far, but I think we have found one. Now the only problem is getting DH's income verified to be able to buy the house. His documented income would only qualify us for monthly payments of $2300, and the place we want to put an offer on would mean payments of $3800. He makes more than his documented income, but how can we prove it????? His boss pays him 40 hours by paycheck, but the overtime is paid in cash. DH also has a number of side jobs which bring in approximately a few hundred extra a week.

This income problem means that I'm gonna have to get a job again, since my biz is not bringing in enough money yet. WHAT DO I DO???? I don't want to go back to work. That will mean missing out on all the fun on the forums that I participate in. And I may have to give up my Moderator postition on one too *sob*. Oh, woe is me!!! I'm soooooo stressed out, and I can't explain myself to DH so he's getting annoyed with me. He doesn't understand why I am being so emotional right now, when I am always emotional ;) But I swear, this is really getting to me. I've had a strange ache in my arm and chest-- heart problems??? I have no idea, but I can't afford to go to the doctor right now. I have to fork out $500 for blood tests, a chest xray, and the doctor's visit for DD this week. She's the other stress factor in my life right now. I'll write about that later...

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

A move is immanent...

Mold keeps growing, allergies getting worse.... We need to get outta here!!!

I made contact with a lady on the east coast that willl secure a loan for us (already has pre-approved us), now all we need to do is find a place. I've been on the net for days searching the MLS and non MLS sites for homes in our price range- under $600,000. It's very difficult to find one in our area. We both want to stay near the school for the kids, but there are only five town homes- and of course dh wants a single family. If we want a single family, we need to move out of town, up north or farther east at least 30 minutes drive from where we are now. There's not much hope here. ;( IF we do get a home here, it will be a worse fixer upper than what we are living in now- and this ones has been "appraised" at $700,000. I highly doubt it! I am planning on calling the Department of Environmental Health as soon as we leave here, to put in a complaint about the conditions of the house. The owner cannot just knock down a wall or move it over just to get rid of mold. It is everywhere!!! The kitchen floor is buckled and he has admitted to seeing lots of water under the house. There is a damp smell everywhere which is getting worse. And my allergies are getting worse. If we stay here any longer I may end up in the hospital becasue of the mold.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006


Ok, really, I do, but I don't want to move far away. But considering our financial situation, and how much housing costs here, we may have to. Last night my hubby got into a heated discussion with the owner of our house. He had overheard the owner saying something to one of his workers about us and the house, so he decided to say something. I have no idea what tranpired, but all I konw is that they were talking with raised voices on the side of the house, and I could hear their voices from the living room. Afterward, hubby decided that it was time to start doing some cleaning in the garage. He wanted to throw everything away, and I mean EVERYTHING!! But I had to intervene- we can not afford to throw things away. We're gonna have a garage sale with the toys and clothes and other stuff we don't want. But he doesn't want to do it. He's worried that the stuff will keep collecting dust and taking up space. That's why he wants to throw everything away. I got an idea from a forum friend that I may use. Maybe sell the things on ebay, including his stuff!! HEHEHE! But back to moving. Since housing is soooooo expensive in my area (median home price is $760,000!) we cannot afford to buy anywhere here! Anywhere else is much cheaper, but again- the idea of uprooting the kids and making new friends... I am just finally starting to make some friends around this area!! And so are the kids!! But where we were just looking, there is a 4 bedroom 2 bathroom home for sale at $400,000! That same size house here would be minimum $850,000. It's so annoying. There is an organization here in town that helps first time homebuyers that are also middle to low income buy a house. I think I will find thier number and call them.