Monday, January 22, 2007

Will he have learned his lesson this time???

I'm both royally pissed off and blessed. How can that be? Let me tell you what happened Sunday night:

Hubby is now in Mexico for two weeks. He nearly didn't make it. His flight was to leave at 11:59pm so he should have been at the airport by 10:30 at the latest. He didn't leave the house until 10:30, and it's close to an hour's drive to the airport. He was partying with his buddies instead.

So he gets home to pick up his bags at 10:20pm. His brother in law was taking him. Well, BIL's car had broken tail lights (kinda convenient to me) so they decided to take our truck. Finally they left at 10:30. He should have been at the airport by then.

11:10pm hubby calls me and says, how the heck can they get a taxi, cause the truck broke down. "It's 911, how can I get a taxi" he says. I figured he was joking, he does that alot. I can never tell when he is joking or being serious. One time the power steering belt broke off on the car we had at the time, and he tells me he got into a serious accident. So how do you expect me to believe him when he says stuff like that to me?

11:25 pm- BIL calls me and asks again how to get a taxi. I hear people talking in the background. The call gets lost.

11:35pm- I call him back and ask if hubby had gotten a taxi- BIL says no, then I hear him talking to someone saying "my brother in law's truck- he just left in a taxi to get to the airport." The call gets lost again.

Hubby calls me around the same time. The airline officials wouldn't let him board the plane, even though he arrived 25 minutes before takeoff. Gee, I wonder why. But they are able to give him a different flight, one that would leave an hour later at 1am. The only problem is that it would take him to Guadalajara, which is about 4 to 5 hours from his original destination of Leon, Guanajuato. Oh well he said. At that point he didn't care as long as he got to Mexico.

12:10 am more or less: hubby's sister calls me- the police arrived and wanted to take BIL to jail and impound the truck- they didn't believe that hubby had been driving when it broke down. So I told them to call hubby since I just got off the phone with him. See BIL doesn't have a driver's license.

12:40 am- they call me back. The police called a tow truck which could move the truck to a parking lot nearby. But a good Samaritan said that items left in the truck would get stolen right away, so he helped them find a tow truck that could bring it back home.

12:58 am- hubby calls- he is finally boarding the plane. "I'll call you when I get there."

So I fall asleep. For a little while.

2:15 am. BIL calls me- they are outside with the tow truck and they needed more money to pay the guy. $200 total to get the truck home.

SIL comes in and tells me what happened. Something cracked in half under the truck, and burst into flames. If it weren't for the Samaritan, the truck could have blown up since the flames were really close to the gas tank. This is where I start to feel sick. A trailer stopped to help extinguish the flames. They were 15 minutes from the airport.

So now can you understand why I feel pissed, but blessed? At least they didn't get into more serious trouble with the truck- it didn't blow up, thankfully. And they were able to get it back here without anyone going to jail. One minor detail that probably caused some problems for hubby at the airport- he had a six pack of beer in the truck and was drinking them while they were driving. When they got out of the car to see the flames, he tried to extinguish them with the beer, and soaking himself in beer during the process.

Oh, and I didn't mention, SIL had her 15 month old son with them as well.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

And yet another "new" year.

Well, Happy New year everyone! I actually made it through the holiday without too many problems.

Christmas was quiet and relaxing, amazingly enough. The kids loved what they got, even if they didn't get much. All I got was some candles from the kids, since they knew how much I love candles, and a little bit of spending money from my mom and aunt (which went into getting the kids thier presents). Oh, and tons of Christmas cards from my online friends!! :o)

So apart from the financial side of things, I've got some serious communication problems with DH, from now on only known as H. I'm busting my chops trying to open up more and he is shutting down even more. He even suggested that we either split up, try marriage counseling, or just stay as we are. Not something I wanted to deal with during the holidays.

That was right after my last post, or about the same time. We kinda started to do more communicating as Christmas came and went, but once again we are at a communication deadlock. I don't know what else to try. He won't answer my phone calls most of the time, and get's pissed now if I text message him more than once. Last night I texted him asking what time would he come home. Of course he didn't answer, so I texted him two more times, and he finally replied around 11pm with "I was about to come home...don't you know I hate it when you do that?" and then didn't come home until after 1am. Ok, how was I supposed to know that he hated when I "bothered" him with text messages, when he doesn't talk to me at all? I've told him many times that I wouldn't get mad about him being out so much if only he would answer his phone and tell me the truth about when he will be home or where he is. He is always saying something like, "I'm outside, I'll be there in a sec." or "I'll be home in a minute, I had to go to the store." He hangs out with people who drink to get drunk, do drugs, smoke marijuana, and he claims that he doesn't do any of that stuff. Well, what am I supposed to think when he doesn't come home until anywhere between 1am and 8am??

I've actually started keeping track of how many times he does that, since he claims that he only does that once in a blue moon. Since January 1, he has come home after 1am 6 times. Today is the 11th. What does that tell you?

I'm too exausted to type anymore tonight, but I will continue to write about this newest saga in a couple of days.