Friday, December 15, 2006

Hey- I've gotten myself deep into GPT's!!

And for a good cause. If I can come up with this money for spending a short amount of time on the computer, then why not. Easier than finding a job outside of the house.

So here is what I'm working on now:

These first three sites are free, no credit card required sites. You can get paid in Paypal or a Visa Gift Card. Each different site also has one other prize to choose from.
You get $25 for 3 refferals. You just need to complete one full credit worth of offers (often times just one, but sometime you need to do two half credit offers or three one-third, etc.), and get three people to do the same.
You get $50 for 5 refferals. Same requirements as first site.
You get $100 for 9 refferals. Same requirements as first two sites.

And here are the other sites:
You can get $35 for 1 refferal, or pick from five other prizes for just one refferal. You will need to complete one offer and get one person to do the same.
Yup, I'm still working on this one. You can get $500 for 7 refferals. Complete one offer on each page, and then get seven people to do the same.
You can get $250 for 6 refferals. Just complete one offer and get six people to do the same.
You can get $250 for 7 refferals, or choose from five different cameras. Just complete one offer and get the required number of people to do the same.
You can get $250 for 7 refferals, or choose from one round-trip airline ticket or two round-trip airline tickets. Just complete one offer and get the required number of people to do the same.
This site is slightly different. You can complete it to recieve one prize, and then go back and complete it for another prize. You could first get $250 for 7 refferals, and then go back and choose from one of fifteen other prizes for the required number of refferals.
You can get $200 for 5 refferals, or choose from five different laptops for the required number of refferals. This one asks for a higher number of refferals, so I reccomend you stick with the money instead.
You can get $325 for 10 refferals, or choose from six different digital cameras for the required number of refferals. This one has a higher refferal requirement too, and the offers are a little tougher to complete, but it's well worth the time and effort.

All of these sites are refferal based GPT's. There are also DIY (do it yourself) sites, which I will post tommorrow. Most of the DIY sites are ones where you can get paid over and over and over again for just completing free surveys and free offers.

Out of these sites I am trying to reach the neccessary refferals to recieve one digital camera, and a total of over $1700. It won't happen before Christmas unfortunately, but if I can complete these sites by February, then I can pay some of my medical bills that I owe.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Well, I've been at a loss for words. I keep telling myself to write down my "adventures" in the blog but alas, I stopped trying. I guess that now I'm not in school I feel like I don't have to write anymore. But I really do need to find an outlet for my emotions...

Ok, so update time. Since I last posted I have temporarily dropped out of the SHALI biz. Financially, we are so unstable that we can barely pay our rent. H (for I shall not call him DH right now, no way...) didn't tell me that he had the rent money since Friday, and I just found it today. So our rent is now 12 days overdue by the time I get the MO and turn it in tomorrow. :( That's just one problem. I have also lost my Mia Bella website and biz due to our financial situation. And the reason I lost both biz's is because we lost our bank account. It was seriously overdrawn, and H just refused to deposit anything there. Instead he opened an account for himself only, claiming that it's for business only, but he can't even keep money in that account either. Go figure. So between August and the first of November we had the account in a super negative amount, so the bank closed it on us. On top of that, becuase I lost my bank account I also lost the Money market account I had opened online. It was set up to recieve automatic deposits from the bank account, and now that I no longer had the account the company sent me a check for the amount that I had in the MM account. But I had no way to cash it cause I don't have a bank account. Imagine me crying. Oh, and my paypal account got overdrawn too due to charges from offers that I didn't cancel in time, and paypal tried to transfer the money from my overdrawn bank account, which didn't work as you can imagine. So I don't know if I even still have a Paypal account. I don't owe them that much- or at least it's pennies compared to how much I still owe the bank. All I want for Christmas is to suddendly have money in the bank, with enough to pay off all my debt and still have money left over for a vacation. Is that too much to ask for??