Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Update time!!!

Well, first I'll address my last blog post. I've really not had a chance to do anymore searching. But I will be starting up really soon due to a few changes in my life since I last posted. So, in answer to the comment from that post- no I have not found anything. Here's why:

Since my last post many things have happened in my life. December was a fairly busy month with the kids. At the end of the month we had our phone service disconnected. Then two weeks later in January I had my internet and cable service disconnected. On top of all that, our cell phones were disconnected. 2008 really did not start on a happy note. :o(

Then towards the end of January I went to the doctor to take a pregnancy test- which came out positive!!! By that time I had already started to feel major nausea. February was awful, with nausea so severe that I lost 15lbs. Thankfully I recovered both my weight along with my appetite. My due date is September 15. Just last Monday I had my sonogram and we found out that we're expecting another boy!

By early February I finally got a new cell phone. I decided to go with MetroPCS, which I had about 5 years ago. I'm glad I decided to get that phone. It's much easier to deal with the payments, DH is not complaining that I'm using too many minutes anymore, and I actually get better reception than I ever did when I had Verizon.

At the beginning of this month of April we finally got phone, internet and tv back, but we switched to AT&T services. The internet is just as fast as Comcast ever was, and I love having the Dish Network!!! More channels to see!!! AND we're paying less than we did when we had Comcast. For all three services our total monthly bill comes to $130 (including tax), where the bill with Comcast would have been closer to $200 (with the same type of services). And then as a bonus, we are getting a discount on Dish for signing up for a 2 year contract. Well, the discount is during specific months, but still- it's worth it!!

Everyone in our house is happy now. But we still have a few dark clouds hanging over our heads. The immigration thing is the worst right now. The final court date is June 4. Our entire future is dependent on the outcome of that day. I'm just scared that they will deport DH that day, and I will be stuck in San Diego with the kids the week before they get out of school. My other worry is that he won't be around come September when I will need him the most. *Sigh* I really don't need to be in this state of worry and depression right now.