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Wednesday, January 02, 2013

HAPPY 2013

Its a new year, time to make some huge changes...

First, I will finally be moving away from crazy roomie.

Second, I am working on saving money to bring back my kids. The plan is to get them in July. I have no idea how much I will need, but the kids each have a hundred plus in their accounts, and I have so far a couple hundred saved... 6 months from now I will have at least another six hundred saved.  I think I will need at least two thousand five hundred to go and come back, and that doesn't count passports :(  Passorts will add another 3-4 hundred. Ugh.

Third, I will be getting a car once I do my taxes. I pray I will be able to get enough back to get a car, put some money towards my student loans and put the rest into savings... that would help my goal of getting the money for the trip.

Fourth, I will actually go get my kids. I cannot wait to see them. By the time I go get them, it will have been 20months since I last saw them.

Fifth, I will finally file for divorce. I cannot wait for that either. I will finally be able to move on and relax with my life.

There are many other things I want to do, but those aremy priorities... as I'm telling everyone, my only New Years Resolutions are 1- get a car, 2- get my kids, and 3- get a divorce. Anything else will be icing on the cake. :o)

Kira sandoval :o)