Tuesday, July 11, 2006

I need MONEY!!!

Ok, but who doesn't? I feel though that I'm in a deep pickle. Creditors calling out the wazoo, overdue utility bills, unpaid rent... AAAAAAAAAA!!!! So I'm begging you guys to help me out! I just joined a few programs that will help me get some $$. Here's the lowdown:

These are paid email programs.
Sign up for free and then you will recieve emails that you have to read. I would reccomend that you select the site inbox for delievery method. Otherwise your main email account will get seriously flooded with spam! Oh, and you can upgrade with these sites and use them for advertising!

Emails for 1/4, 1/3, 1/2 cent each, bonus points available, pay to click banner ads. Active members recieve an average of 30 emails a day. Cashout at $5.

http://www.luckybizs.com/pages/index.php?refid=kjdama Emails are 1 cent each. Bonus points available also. Active members recieve an average of 50 emails per day. Cash out at $5.

http://www.readrevenue.com/pages/index.php?refid=kjdm Emails are 1 cent each. Bonus points also. Active members recieve an average of 30 emails a day. Cash out at $3.

Send Earnings is not just a paid email site, but they also pay you for completing offers (they pay $20 for the tickle tests!!)

Now onto the Paid to Complete Offers Sites!!

MaviShare Mavishare is an incredible site!! Get paid to complete offers, and payout is extremely fast! From there FAQ's: "Whenever you have an account balance over $10, you can withdraw instantly. You need to sign up 3 unique and active friends for each withdrawal after the first withdrawal if you want to be paid instantly. Otherwise you can wait until the 15th of the following month to get paid. This is to help us keep costs down, since we pay PayPal for each withdrawal. Do NOT attempt to sign up yourself multiple times or enter fake information or your account will be closed. If you don't have enough referrals, you can still withdraw instantly if you have at least $65 in your account" My first cashout landed in my Paypal account within minutes!!

Simply complete two offers, one on each page, and get 7 friends to do the same! Your reward=$500 to your Paypal!!

I have one refferal already Five more would be awesome!! Depends on what prize you choose, the number of credits or refferals is different. I choose $250 paypal, which requires either 7 credits or one credit and 6 refferals. You get to choose!! Some offers are partial credits, so watch for the ones that give one full credit!

Pick your choice of prize- $100 to $1000 paypal or gift!! Get one refferal for $100, 5 for $200, and it goes on (27 refferals for $1000!!) You need to complete only one offer and get your refferals to complete only one offer also! I'm going for the $200!!

So you see here, I'm aiming for a total of $950 for just a few minutes of doing offers and getting refferals! You can too!! It's not really difficult. People are doing offers, getting refferals, and then getting paid in one day!! There are some offers that are free to do, but the majority ask you to pay for a trial subscription. I highly reccomend doing the Tickle offers!! There are a few for $4.95, $9.95, and $12.95. Those come with a 7 day trial, which will renew for $19.95 monthly if you do not cancel during the trial period. Just think that the reward outweighs the initial cost!!

BTW, there are many many many other sites that offer other prizes other than cold hard cash! Just check out http://www.mommyjobs.com/boards/index.php and go to the Autosurf, HYIP's, Pay to Read, Survey's, Etc. folder!!