Friday, February 09, 2007

Sick, again.... ugh!!

And I blame it all on my mom.

We went to her house last Thursday night to go see a play. Since we live an hours bus ride away from my mom, we stayed the night there.

After being there for a few hours I started to feel itchy all over. Mostly on my neck and scalp. I also started sneezing. Alot.

My mom woke my kids up at 5am, who then woke me up at 5:30 so we could catch a 6:45 bus to get home in time for them to get to school. I was feeling pretty out of it by then.

All day Friday I couldn't stop sneezing, and scratching my head. What the heck was wrong with me???

Saturday I felt feverish. I didn't check, but I was hot and sweating all day. I took my son to a birthday party at the arcade in the mall, which didn't help my head at all. By the time I got home I felt so bad that I just went to bed early.

Sunday morning, my left ear was bright red and starting to swell up. And my head was still itching uncontrollably. AND I had what seemed like the flu. I had to go buy some Benadryl to stop my itching. It was horrible.

Monday I woke up and my ear looked like Dumbo. And my lips were swollen as well. I started to freak out. What I had was scarily similar to my staff infection I had in April of last year on my leg. I called my sister-in-law, who said she would be over as soon as she got her son changed. Four hours later I'm half asleep on the couch, still waiting for her, and it's almost time for the kids to get out of school. I called her and told her to forget it (my nephew had fallen asleep supposedly).

Tuesday I just slept all day, taking benadryl every six hours. That stuff makes me very sleepy. But it seemed to help. I didn't feel the need to scratch anymore. And the swelling was starting to go down.

Wednesday I looked better, but wasn't feeling that much better. My ear looked fairly normal, but still slightly swollen. My lips were peeling. Ouch. Thank goodness for the lotion I have. I think that did the trick with my lips. I honestly have no idea what the heck I had there. At least I felt well enough to go to my important Cub Scout meeting. Well, I hardly made it through the meeting but at least I went.

Thursday I felt bad again. Could be because I went out Wednesday night, and it was raining cats and dogs then. I had to miss out on helping in my daughter's class cause I was still feeling bad.

By this morning I was feeling much better. I think all that extra sleep I was getting this week helped. It's still raining cats and dogs. I did have to go out though, and I made sure I had a hat and a warm jacket and layers, so I didn't get cold or wet. Well, I got a little wet. Hard not to.

I hope that whatever I caught never shows up in my life again.

I said I blamed it on my mom. Wanna know why?? I don't recall her ever vacumming or sweeping her home. I don't even think she owns a vacumm or a broom. She has a Swiffer wet thingy to clean the kitchen floor, but that's all. The carpet is full of who knows what. I know I'm allergic to dust. My mom needs help. :(