Thursday, March 08, 2007

More immigrations problems

Recently there have been numerous Immigration Raids in my area.

Yesterday and Tuesday they hit two areas and took over 60 people.

This is what makes me angry though: the officers are plain clothes and start knocking on doors at 5 am. If the door opens then they just barge in and start arresting people.

Tuesday they hit the Canal District in San Rafael, which is probably 99.9 percent hispanic. (it's 10 minutes from my house) Two kids were separated from thier parents, meaning the parents were taken away but they left the kids. One 7 year old was handcuffed and taken as well. Why the bleep do they feel they can do that to a 7 year old AMERICAN CITIZEN???? 30 people were taken, supposedly they had 30 arrest warrants which were for people that they had previously given deportation notices and those people didn't "comply." But a 7 year old boy?

Wednesday morning they were in my neigborhood. They hit the house that we used to live in. They took some people from the apartment complex I live in.

The school in the Canal District had a huge absentee rate yesterday- nearly 80 kids didn't show up to school, all of them hispanic. The school normally experiences up to 10 absentees a day.

Why is this happening like this?

Immigration raids used to be out in the open, in areas where day laborers would congregate waiting for a job. Now they feel they can just knock on the door and arrest you when you open the door?

Someone please check the Constitution and find out if these raids are a violation?