Wednesday, April 30, 2014

It's been a while...

Seriously, nearly a full year to the day since my last post!

What has happened to me?

Well... (let's see if I can make this a short blog post cause it's after midnight I and need sleep...)

  • I got my drivers license finally in May of 2013.
  • I was promoted to Shift Manager at Arby's at the same time.
  • In July I traveled back to Mexico do get my kids.
  • In August, the four of us has a quick weekend visit to California so the kids could see their grandma.
  • School started for the kids in September.
  • Gabe turned 5 on the 15th of September
  • Danny turned 16 in October.
  • I turned 35 in October.
  • I got hired to work at a school as an education assistant, in October.
  • I started working full time the first week of December at the school and went down to three days a week at Arby's.
  • My kids and I moved to a house the same week I started at the new job.
  • A new year started! 
  • I quit my job at Arby's due to stress in February, 2014.
  • I started working at the new Subway in town on Feb 15th.
  • My stress levels decreased IMMENSELY!
  • Marie turned 14 in March.
  • With my tax refund, I purchased a much needed desktop computer and printer, set aside money for the kids, set aside money for myself, and paid all my current bills in full.
  • I'm finally remembering that I have a few blogs that were gathering dust in the dark corners of cyber space.
Quick enough summary for you?

When I'm not so tired and it's not after midnight, I will elaborate on some of those amazing things that happened with myself and my family over this last crazy year.

Until then!